Havforsknings-rapporten 2013

Written by Bjørnar Nygård on . Posted in Inprint

During one dive 30.12.08 I took one picture of a tagged Atlantic halibut - Hippoglossus hippoglossus, in Austevoll. This was one of the halibuts IMR farmed, tagged and released in mid-November 2008.

In March, the Institute of Marine Research released the Marine Report 2013 - Resources, Environment and aquaculture on the coast and in the sea.

Results from the first marine protected areas in southern Norway, the importance of climate change and increased demand for natural resources in the Arctic Ocean, and the effects of escaped farmed salmon on wild fish are among the themes of this year's Marine Report.

My picture is used as an illustration in the report on halibut.

You'll find more info about the report here, and you can download it here. (both links are in Norwegian)