First place in the Norwegian Championship 2018

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Between the 17th and 18th of August the Norwegian Championship in Underwater Photography was held in Stavanger by Stavanger Dykkerklubb, Gjesdal DykkeklubbHavhesten Undervannsklubb and Sandnes og Jæren Dykkerklubb with the base held at the lovely Tungenes lifhthouse just oput side of Stavanger, and the diving was down at locations not to far from the lighthouse it self.

I had no spescial plans for this years competition beside do my best and hope to qualify for next years World Championship in Underwater photography. I had an image in mind that I wanted to do even though I knew it might be a bit risky as it would be something completly different then what the rest of the contestants would do and deliver in the same category. 

This year my buddy/assistent from last year, Siv Pedersen, weren't able to join me so instead I had my good friend Lars Arnestad joining me. He did a really good job helping me finding subjects, motives and also setting up my strobes for my image in the category "Wide angle without diver" and also in the selecting of images that where to be delivered in the different categories.

We compete in five different categories, four of the are the classic ones wide angle with and without diver, macro and fish, and the last category is a theme that the organizing clubs decides, this year the theme was "Dykkeglede (Joy of diving)".

Our hosts had planned some nice dive sites for us, but due stronge winds from the southwest which caused some really choppy waters we had to change locations for one of the dives. The conditions weren't ideal as there where alot of algea in the water that made the visibility not that great, and the weather was not on it's best side as well with rain and wind, but the we had some sun, but all in all it was a great weekend both socialy and competition wise.

This year the competition was also part of "NM-Veka", and it was visited by NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation), links to their reports can be found further down this page.

There were a total of 14 participants competing for the title "Norwegian Championship in Underwater Photography", there where alot of good photographers this year, some that has been participating several times before and some that where first time participants.
To keep the suspens going the jury started with the last category, normally the jury starts with the first catergory. All in all I won three categories, Wideangle without diver (the only image that I had planned), Wide angle with diver and Macro (one of my favorites).
At the I ended up on 1st place with the total score of 384 points, taking home the gold medal and His Majesty King's Cup.

In addition to winning the championship I also recived a generous gift card from divegear supplier Safenor AS for my first place in the "Wide angle with diver" category, a regulator from  Maskin og DykkerService and Scubapro for my winning image in "Wideangle without a diver" category, a 6 day stay at Gulen Dive Resort for my winning image in "Macro" category, and as overall winner I also won a trip to Mexico from from Dykkebazaar.

The judges where: Christian Skauge, Laila Røberg and Harald Fosshagen


Rank Name Points
1 Bjørnar Nygård 384
2 Rune E. Haldorsen 376
3 Erling Svendsen 308
4 Gry H. Henriksen 286
5 Einar Kosaka 220
6 Kim Andre Sund 216
7 Ingrid T. Ølberg 209
8 Geir Eliassen 205
9 Tor Inge Leidland 190
10 Anders Schouw 180
11 Anita Eliassen 159
12 David Gutteridge 156
13 Anne M. W. Ottesen 109
14 Tore V. Knutsmoen 67
15 Magnus Tornes  
16 Linda Larsen  
17 Axel Grøvdal  

Category A - Normal/wide angle with diver - 1st. place
Comments from the jury: "Absolutely flawless! Technically brilliant, sharp, colorful and properly exposed. The diver admires a seaurchin, while we are allowed to admire the diver and a part of the life in the ocean."

Category B - Normal/wide angle without diver - 1st. place
Comments from the jury: "Competition's best lighting! Creative and very good utilization of a single subject in difficult conditions. See how elegant one can turn particles from a problem to an advantage."

Category C - Macro, no fish/fish detail - 1st. place
Comments from the jury: "Colorful and delicious! Had nudibranchs been clever enough to learn how to keep the oral tentacles symmetrical, the world - and this picture - would have been perfect."

Category D - Fish - 4th. place
Comments from the jury: "Colorful longspined bullhead with sharp eye-fine composition. Here, however, the jury felt that there was to little air in front of the fish and it all seems a little forced."

Category E - Theme - "Dykkeglede (Joy of diving)" - 11th. place

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Media coverage:
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