Lembeh Gulen Critter Shootout 2016

Written by Bjørnar Nygård on . Posted in Competitions

North againgst South, cold water against warm water, this was the setting when Gulen Diveresort challanged Lembeh Resort to a critter shootout on May 2016. During 6 days we would compete in three categories; Nudibranch, Invertabrates and Fish. We had two days and three 60 minute dives for each category. Day one was for practice, where we would dive and search the Gulen housereef for nice critters and motive. In between the dives we had leactures from our team captain Keri Wilk about technices we could use to get the best out of our pictures, it being use of snoots to isolate the subject from the background or different ways to positioning our flashes and lighting the subject we where shooting. We also looked through the images that we had taken and got pointers on what was good and what we could change to make the image even better, so the next dives we tried to replicate what we had learned and tried to make our pictures better. The second day we also had three 60 minutes dives photographing the subjects that was in the category of the day, and hopefully find a critter that was photogenic and was sitting in a good position to be photographed. At the end of the competition day we submited our chosen picture and the piblic voted for the image that they thought was the best. The Gulen team won the Nudibranch category but the Lembeh team won the two next and took home the victory.

This competition was one of the most fun ones that I've ever participated in, where all the participants had a lot of fun and we all learned new stuff. Some even got to see and photograph stuff that they never had seen before.

Below you find the images that I entered in the competition.

And here are some images that didn't make the cut or was taken outside of the competion during the stay at Gulen.