Commended in the Nudibranch Photo Competition 2014

Written by Bjørnar Nygård on . Posted in Competitions

0738 03092014 0033This year I entered the first annual Nudibranch Photo Competition 2014, which was founded to celebrate nudibranchs and their allies. There where just two categories in this inaugural contest: 'British Nudibranchs' and 'Nudibranchs of the Rest of the World'. I obviously entered in the Nudibranchs of the Rest of the World category.
Photographers could enter up to 10 images in total, split between the two categories, and this resulted in nearly 1000 photos entered from photographers in 33 countries.

The judges are Alex Mustard, Bernard Picton and Constantinos Petrinos. More about them here.

I sent in 5 images in the Nudibranchs of the Rest of the World category and one of my images made it to the final, and ended up as a Commended image By Constantinos Petrinos. This is what he wrote about my images:

"Species: Cuthona gymnota.
Location: Gulen Dive Resort, Norway. 
Judge's Notes: This is one of those shots that when I see it as I judge I say "Why was I not there? Why didn't I shoot that!" Well, I know why I wasn't there: too cold. But I will definitely try to "copy" this sublime composition in one of my shots. My warmest congratulations for achieving one of the more pleasing images of this competition as far as I am concerned."

You can read more about the competition here and you can see all the winning UK images here and World images here.